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Without water there would be no life. It’s that important. Water is something that NASA looks for on new planets to establish whether there might be life on the planet. Although for humans, oxygen is a more urgent need and we would die very fast without it, there are known forms of life that do not need oxygen or even are poisoned by it. But every

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living thing needs water.

Water makes up 55% to 75% of the human body, depending on a person’s build and size. It is essential for all of our metabolic processes. It helps transport nutrients and eliminate toxins. These substances are dissolved or held in suspension by our bodily fluids that are mostly water, and carried around the body. It is important for a healthy colon, kidneys, liver, brain and just about everything else.

Everything we eat and drink contains some water, even the driest cookie. But we also lose water all of the time, not only when we go to the bathroom, but in evaporation from our skin and in every exhalation. You know how a mirror steams over when you breathe on it? That’s the airborne water in your breath condensing on the colder surface of the mirror. This water must be replaced, and the best way to do it is simply by drinking pure water.

Staying well hydrated by drinking lots of water is particularly beneficial to the skin. In fact, washing toxins from the skin is more effectively done by drinking lots of water than by showering. Showering only cleans off the perspiration and other substances. Making sure we are never short of water on the inside, however, dilutes and washes away toxins in the pores and at the same time, moisturizes the skin, helping it to look younger and reducing wrinkles.


Life on the number of planets in our galaxy: 600 million



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