How many exercise for health of people?

Increased heart rate during exercise, more blood is pumped to the body. Thus, the oxygen in the blood of our cells and tissues
The amount is more intense. This increases oxygen and energy to fuel our bodies. If you are tired, exhausted, sluggish We perceive our blood exercise movements that we have to drain more quickly.This way is very easy to get ridof these diseases. Most of us really look for slimming exercises, slimming diet, losing excess weight, such as emergency ordinances looked tired, but it is a bad attitude. Diet to lose weight quickly lose weight after leaving the emergency because it means that therapid weight gain. Exercise of its loss, and are fed by the attention should exercise.Exercises to strengthen us.

The exercises will be provided a healthy balance ph, ph level of the body's balance of oxygen increased. cancer, it is not the case,
rheumatic fever, eczema and my risk of developing diseases like cancer or even more. Stay away from this disease through exercise,
achieve a more healthy and vibrant state.

1The movements of the chest
2 Movements of the shoulder
3 Rear arm movements
4 Arm movements
5 Movements of the back muscle
6 Abdominal movements and stomach
8 Movements of the hind legs
9The leg movements
10 Movements Kalf