How many calories in bread?

Bread is one of the main food of mankind for thousands of years.Always the most important nutrients are used. The composition of thebread necessary for human health,  carbohydrates, proteins,minerals, vitamins.
The flour is usually wheat or rye bread is made by grinding.
White bread: white bread flour prepared. About 70 calories per slice.Since white bread is made for other types of blood glucose levelsfaster than the speed decreases to increase the kinds of bread, and thus more energy than the other.

Whole wheat bread: white bread, a kind of flour is prepared by adding raw sound. About 70 calories per slice. According to the white bread reduces blood sugar increases slower and slower. For this reason, a longer time than the full amount of white bread. His raw, whole wheat bread with iron absorption negatively impact these types of anemia and iron is not recommended for children under 7years.
Rye bread: a sort of bread made from rye flour purified. About 72 calories per slice. Health effects, similar to whole wheat bread.Soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol levels because of the effect.Supports intestinal health. Rich in vitamin B.

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