How many eyes of a bee are there?

Bees have a very important role in nature with pollination and producing honey. There are over 20.000 species of bees and all different types have different aims. There are bees pollinating flowers in every continent but Antarctica doesn’t have any bees. Bees has two wings but some types’ wings are smaller than others. European honey bee is the most popular bee in the world. They are the main bee type using for honey production. Bees have a very complex body and face type. They are using their eyes to see and to sensor. How many eyes of a bee are there?

A bee has 5 eyes at all. But their functions are different each other. They have two large eyes and three simple eyes. There are lots of researches on bee’s eyes today because they are using a different aspect to see the world and flowers.

Scientists believe that bee’s eyes have a special function to see the flowers with ultraviolet light. When researchers inspected flowers with special ultraviolet light like bees, they saw that there are different colors of all flowers and ultraviolet light is making easier to find pollens in flowers.

This Bocelli called light sensor eyes are also warning the bee for dangerous situations. When a bee feels the danger, it may move faster than its normal speed.  Scientists believe that bees feel the dangerous animals attack with light change in their head eyes. Every eye of a bear has thousands of sensor connections.

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