How many effective negotiation strategies are there?

Negotiation is one of the oldest behavior types that people need and use in their daily or business life. Before money invented, there was a big barter system and negotiation was obligatory to make advantageous bargain. There are today professional education sources about negotiation and many experts believe that everything in the business world starts with negotiation first. Today negotiation lesson is an important part of economic studies classes. It’s true that many companies in the big shopping centers stopped negotiation but there are still many bazaars and companies that open to negotiation. How many effective negotiation strategies are there?

Many people are shy about negotiating but negotiation is an important part of fair game and everything is negotiable. You can ask the seller if the price is negotiable and even she says it’s not, you can understand the real matter from her behaviors and start the negotiation. Also today many shops are offering coupons or discounts but clerks are not informing about them if customer is not asking. You can ask for coupons or discounts of the products you buy.
It’s true that Clerks are working for limited salary and selling something is not sending some money to their pocket. So negotiating with clerks will not gain you anything. You can ask for a manager or owner if you want to negotiate. It’s true that in big retailers, it’s impossible to find an owner or manager with whom you can make negotiation but it’s still possible in small shops. Many people believe that one sale is nothing for a shop but it’s totally wrong. Especially for small shops, each customer is vital.

When you entered a negotiation, most important thing is keeping a poker face. A good seller can understand if you are willing to buy the product or you don’t need it really. Also she can understand if you like the price and trying to reduce more or you won’t buy from this price. When you keep your poker face, you can see that seller is making discounts one after one.
Sell experts’ most common advice is about first offer. According to them, making the first offer is losing the advantage because other side may give a more advantageous price on first offer and you will lose it. When she gives the first price, if you think it’s too high, you can give a shocking low price. Negotiation will be close to break but it will never break.
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Searching about the average price of the product before negotiation is also important. You can give the feel that you know the average price of the product and you will come to a good price that will be profitable for seller and discounted for buyer. When seller understands that you know the average price of product, she will not make any more negotiation and she will come with a good price.
Today many shop owners may be willing to lose a sell but they will never say no to multiple transactions. You can ask the price for a couple of products you will buy and you can start negotiation. Also starting to a negotiation for multiple products and decreasing the number to one is very classic but useful.
In the negotiation, there are two classical tactics as silence and time management. When you respond too quickly to an offer, it means you are willing to buy this product and you are making a last bargain if there will be any discount or not. Also silence is important and when you stay silent, you can see a surprise low offer from seller.

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