How Many Candidate Countries are there for the 2020 Olympics?

From the beginning of the world people are trying to relax themselves and in order to escape from the their daily tiring works they are trying to find new activities. Some of them are playing games others want to try new ways in order not to be bored in the density of the life. When we look at the history of the world we can see lots of sport activities that are done by people and some of them are national and on the other hand we can see that some others are international. Olympic-Truce-Emblem


On this point it can be easily said that Olympics is one of the most popular and major sport activities in the history of the world. Now shortly we are going to look at the history of the Olympic games. Olympic games is an international competition that are done each four year like the world cup. The main goal of the Olympic games is to support the peace between the people all around the whole world and when we think about the event on this point it can be easily said that it is very good for the peace of the world and the Olympic games is making important support to the peace. On the Olympic games from the different regions of the world lots of the people are collected together such as sport men, journalists, broadcasters and the biggest community that form the Olympic games is the spectators. Hundred of spectators are going to the Olympic games in each four years. When we look at the history of the Olympic games we can see that it is based upon the old Greece and in accordance with the myth old Greek people are preparing festivals and doing Olympic games for their Gods in order to make their Gods happy. Today there are two types of the Olympic games one of them are Summer Olympic games and the other is Winter Olympic games. But Summer Olympic Games are much more popular than the Winter Olympic Games because there are much more game in Summer Olympic Games form the Winter Olympic Games. The last Olympic games is done in the country of the Great Britain and it is in the year of 2012 and nowadays there is an argument about the candidate countries that are for the 2020 Olympic games. Now we are going to analyze these countries.


The number of Countries that candidate for the 2020 Olympic games

For the 2020 Olympic games, there are three countries and these countries are Japan, Spain and Turkey. These three countries want to take the 2020 Olympic games in order to introduce their own countries and the most important thing is that they want to get money via tourists. Because there will be hundreds of tourist and other people such as journalists and broadcaster when they get the 2020 Olympic games. Tonight all of the people from the different regions of the world will learn about the results of the Olympic games. Everybody is curious about it.



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