How many dreams we see in a sleep?

Dream is a total mystery for humanity. We see dreams since first people. But it’s possible to find what the main reason of dreams is. Some scientists say pressure and social life is the main reason of dream, others talk about stopping of brain features in sleep. Idea that all scientists agree is all people see dreams for all night. But only a few is remembered in morning. How many dreams we see in a sleep?

Dream is seen on the sleep’s REM stage. It’s a stage that rapidly eye movement happens. People over the age of 10 see 4 to 6 dreams per night. Some of the dreams are very long but some of them are short. Scientists say time measurement of a dream is very different from daily time measurement. So it’s not possible to say a dream is short of long.

There are lots of things affecting dreams. Fear and social life is the main point. Drugs are also very effective. People taking L-dopa medicine for Parkinson say they see more scary dreams after taking pill.

There are some stereotypes in dreams. Especially children see lots of stereotype dreams. So remembering the dreams is also connected to age. Children don’t remember lots of dreams. Because it’s not important for them or it’s not something to take a result. But people over 20 remember 4 of 10 dreams. People over 40 only remember one of 10 dreams in morning.

Also people believe about normal and premonitory dreams. Normal dreams are not very systematic but premonitory dreams have a story and concept.

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