How Many Different Types of Spiders Are There In The World ?

How Many Different Types of Spiders Are There In The World ?

Spiders are the greatest fear of many people. Also, they have a special name for it too. It is Arachnophobia.  Spiders belong to the arachnid animal groups. It is a subgroup of phylum arthropod. Spiders are said to have been around the world for more than 300 million years. The characteristic of them, they are invertebrates and they have an exoskeleton. They have two main parts in their body. These are; head and abdomen. Also, it called cephalothorax and abdomen in spiders. Cephalothorax has eyes, mouth, and four legs.  Most of the spiders have six or eight eye and eight legs. 1 pair of chelicerae and it is for grasping the food. Some of them have hairs on their body. Spiders have blue color blood. Spiders have many missions in life. The contribution of spiders to ecological cycling is quite high. Spiders are usually carnivores. Spiders clean the world by eating the bugs and they make silks with their web. Spiders eat insects, worms, and other spiders. Spiders use various strategies to catch their prey. They use sticky webs and balls. Most of them detect prey by vibrations. They are good hunters. Spiders are generally found in seashore, desert, under rocks or plants, in trees and şn caves. Each kind of spider tends to be found in an environment to which it has become specifically adapted. Most spiders live only one year.


Species of Spider

There are more than 50.000 species of Spiders. Brown Recluse Spider as called as The Violin Spider, looks like violin drawing. Tarantula is kind of big spiders. Camel Spider, also they called Sun Spider or The Wind Scorpion. Wolf Spiders are move very fast. They look like muscular and they are very active. Black Widow Spider is one of the most dangerous types of spiders. It has poison in it and it can easily kill a human. It attacks the human nervous system and it makes to unfunctional of some brain parts. It makes paralyzed to neural activity in the body. Hobo Spider is an aggressive kind of them. They can adapt the environment quickly. Golden Silk Spider or with other name is Banana Spider produces silk with golden color paints, which makes it different from the other species. Jumping Spider, it’s 13% of the spiders are in this category. Redback Spider is another poisoned and dangerous spider type. It is not deadly as Blak Widow but people should be careful about it. Goliath-Bird Eater Spider is the second biggest type of spider. Brazilian Wandering Spider has the most deadly venom in the world. One bite of Brazilian Wandering spider can make painful erection human males for very long time.  The Bagheera Kiplingi is the world’s only vegetarian spider. All spiders can have bite but not all of them are harmful. In the 20th century, 100 people had died because of spider bites. 3.000 of types live in North America. Spiders can live every place except Antartica.


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