How Many Different kinds of Snakes are there in the world?

In the world there are hundred types of animals and almost all of these animals have effect to the world. Some of these animals are dangerous animals to the people but on the other hand some of them are not dangerous to the people and there are some kinds of animals that are not only dangerous but also beneficial to the people. On this point Snakes are this kind of animals. Today we are going to analyze the Snakes and we will look their nature and types of the snakes all around the whole world. 2013-year-of-the-snake-list_64139_600x450

Snakes are the type of animals that are the species of lizard family. In their bodies there are lots of lamellas and by crawling they can move. When we look at the structure of their bodies, we can see that the snakes have a different type of heads and with the help of the structure of their heads and their mounts they can eat the animals and other creatures that are bigger than themselves. Because of this fact it can be easily said that they are so much dangerous animals and on the other hand it is a reality that their being so powerful especially when they are eating their preys. When we look at the places that the snakes are living, we can see that they are living all of the world except for Antarctica. Especially in the places that are hot they are much more available and when a person goes to a place that is hot he or she must be extremely careful otherwise the consequences of that situation can be fatal. Now we are going to look at the types of the world that are available in the world.



The Species of the Snakes that are available in the whole world.


In accordance with the experts and the researches that are done up to now, in the world today there are approximately 456 sort of snakes and on the other hand there are up to 2900 types of snakes and again there are 15 family of snakes. When we look at their lengths we can see that there are different species of snakes that are between 10 cm and 7,6 meter. The biggest snakes are anacondas and pitons. These types of snakes are generally live in the forest especially in the fields of the Amazons. Lots of the snakes are poisonous and they are dangerous to the people but on the other hand they are used for lots of beneficial things for example people are using the poisons of the snakes in the field of medicine, when they are preparing medicine lots of medicine companies are using the chemicals that are get from the bodies of the snakes, on this point it can be said that they are not only harmful but also on they other hand they are beneficial to the people in order to recovering of the diseases.


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