How Many Different Deserts are there in the World?

Are you interested in the geography? Do you have any information about the geographical foundations in the different regions of the world? Do you make any research about them? Today we are going to give some interesting information about some geographical foundations in the different regions of the world. As all we know, our earth is very big and from the history it has been under lots of different powers and these powers can cause not only because of the nature but also on the other hand it is possible to see the effects of the people too much extend on the affection of our earth. Millions year ago our world was very natural and there are lots of different kinds of the animals and plants in the world in spite of these difference now we can see that lots of different types of the animals and the plants are extinct because of the lots of different reasons.


At this point, it is almost impossible to control the power of the nature but on the other hand we can control the effects of the people on the our earth and at this point we have to get some necessary precautions in order to keep our earth in a healthy way. Today, when we compare the situation of the world to the one hundred years’ ago, it is possible to see that there is a big gap between two periods. A hundred years ago our earth is much more fertile than today but because of the different and negative effects of the industrialization and globalization our earth has been affecting in a negative way and it has been losing its lots of different springs of the nature and if it is continued not only by the people but also by the nature, in the future the sources of the earth will be run out of and as a result of this situation the people will have lots of difficulties in order to keep their lives to go on. Today, in the different regions of the world, lots of the sources of the trees turn to the desert and if the necessary precautions are not taken in hundred years lots of different places also will be a desert and we will not have enough oxygen in order to keep our lives to go on. Now, we will look at the deserts that is available in our world today.



The Number of The Deserts that we Have Today


In accordance with the researches that are done by the geography experts, in the world today there are 61 different deserts. When we look at the regions of the deserts that are available in our earth, we can see that the most densely deserted area in the world is the continent of Africa and Asia and on the other hand the pole regions have lots of different deserts. In the continent of the Europe there is not any desert because of the high raining rate that are available in a year.

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