How Many Different Books of Jack London are there?

Do you usually read the book? What are your favorite writers? Which kinds of the literary work do you prefer? What do you think about the future of the literature of the world? What do you know about the major works that are available in the history of the world? As all we know, from the beginnings of the human history the literature becomes one of the most important parts of the people and it seems that in the future the situation will be the same. By using the literature people are expressing their feelings. When we look at the history, we can see that at first periods of the literature especially before the script, there are lots of the different versions of the oral literature and with time with the invention of the writing people start to write their literary works. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the Jack London and we will give some specific information about the life and the major works of him. Now let’s look at the life of Jack London.

The Life of Jack London and some of the Major Works of him

Jack London is from the country of the United States of America and originally he is journalist and the book writer. He was born in the year of 1876 and he died in 1916. He is one of the most popular writers of the time and even today millions of the people knows about him and in the different regions of the world in the different universities and high schools his major works are being read by the millions of the people. Jack London is the pioneer of a commercial magazine and it can be said that he is again one of the most popular person who gain lots of the money from the being writer and because of this reason everybody knows him. When we look at the major works of him, we can see that there are lots of major works and all around the whole world almost everybody knows about them. First of all, Moby Dick, White Fang and The Iron Heel are one of the most popular works of him and in the different universities of the world it is compulsory to read them in order to pass from the literature classes. When we look at the all his works of Jack London we can look at the list above:


1900 The Son of the Wolf


1901 The God of His Fathers


1902 Children of the Frost *


1902 The Cruise of the Dazzler


1902 A Daughter of the Snows *


1903 The Kempton-Wace Letters


1903 The Call of the Wild *


1903 The People of the Abyss *


1904 The Faith of Men *


1904 The Sea Wolf *


1905 War of the Classes


1905 The Game *


1905 Tales of the Fish Patrol *


1906 Moon-Face and Other Stories *


1906 White Fang *


1906 The Scorn of Women


1907 Before Adam *


1907 Love of Life and Other Stories


1907 The Road *


1908 The Iron Heel *


1909 Martin Eden *


1910 Lost Face *


1910 Theft


1910 Revolution and Other Essays


1910 Burning Daylight


1911 When God Laughs and Other Stories


1911 Adventure


1911 The Cruise of the Snark *


1911 South Sea Tales *


1912 The House of Pride and Other Stories


1912 A Son of the Sun *


1912 Smoke Bellew


1913 The Night-Born


1913 The Abysmal Brute *


1913 John Barleycorn *


1913 The Valley of the Moon *


1914 The Strength of the Strong


1914 The Mutiny of the Elsinore *


1915 The Scarlet Plague


1915 The Star Rover


1916 The Little Lady of the Big House


1916 The Acorn Planter


1916 The Turtles of Tasman


1917 The Human Drift


1917 Jerry of the Islands *


1917 Michael Brother of Jerry *


1918 The Red One


1918  Hearts of Three


1919 On the Makaloa Mat *


1922 Dutch Courage and Other Stories


1963 The Assassination Bureau *

totally he has 52 major works.


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