How many days for tomato seeds to grow?

Tomato is a universal fruit using all over the world. Origins of fruit are from South America. Spanish colonists took it to Europe than spread to whole world. Tomato’s main feature is growing fast and easily. It’s possible to grow it on nearly all soil types. Today tomato has thousands of different types but the main color is red. Tomato is also strong for the diseases. Only tomato worms are very powerful on tomatoes but their march can easily avoid. How many days for tomato seeds to grow?

Tomato growing is not only a commercial work but also a good hobby for all people. It’s easy to grow a pot of tomatoes in balcony or home. But there are some important things while growing a tomato because it has some fragile period while growing.

Root injury is one of the main problems while growing tomatoes. Tomato seeds must keep in a small box and directly left into soil.

Also rolling the seeds with a plastic film is important trick. It will help the seeds to keep the water and stop to evaporate it easily.

Soil and rim surface space is also important. Ideal space is 1/4 inch. 1/2 inch deep is also good for plants. Especially home growers must use these dimensions.

Tomato seeds love sun. But too much sun kills the seeds by drying them. So a warm area will be best for growing tomatoes.

Standard growth period is 14 days for tomatoes. It can be 16 or 20 days also according to type.

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