How many days are rainy in England in a year?

England is on the largest land mass of the earth. This area of England is too rainy with various temperatures in some months in continent. It’s possible to see various climate changes in a single day in England. Latitude and Atlantic Ocean are also affecting England’s climate. England’s western parts are milder and mostly windy. Eastern side of England is drier but some months are over rainy. North of the England is also some rainy but there are cooler months without rain. How many days are rainy in England in a year?

London is the capital city of England and it’s famous for darker and rainy weather all time. England average of rainy days is 177 in a year. And London is over 100. In England every month over 10 days are rainy. January is most with 13 and July is less with 8.5 rainy days in a month.

England’s season periods are very affective on rainy days schedule. In England spring is March to May, summer is June to September, autumn is October to November and Winter is December to February.

Spring in England is the season of daily showers and thunders. Especially night are warm. It’s also possible to see snow in spring of England.

Summer is mostly rainy in southern and central England. There are lots of factors affecting climate in England summer. Azores High is one of them.

Autumn of England is unsettled. Some years it’s only possible to see heavy rains but some years it’s only snowy. Winter is cool, windy and rainy in England also.

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