How Many Countries Are Using the F-16 Fighting Falcon in the world?

In world history people have always wars. The main goal of the wars is to get to whip hand of one country to another country or in order to find new sources people fight each other continuously. In the past these wars were present and now there are lots of countries that fight with each other and even in future there will be wars between countries and people. It can be said that wars will not be finish until the end of the world. 

F 16 Falcon 2


In these wars in the past people used lots of weapons in order to kill each other and with the rapid development of technologies in the field of war, these weapons developed in a dramatic way. In past people were using knives in order to kill each other and they started to use gun with the invention of the powder and then with technology the planes were developed. In modern day wars people are using planes like F-16 in order to kill each other. They are so useful that people can kill other people for example such as their enemies in a short way and in an easy way. In short time these planes can kill hundreds of people. So let’s look at the F-16 Fighting Falcon is. F-16 Fighting Falcon is a jet plane that is designed for way by the company of Lockheed Martin and it has one motor. It is developed by General Dynamics for United Stated of America Air Forces. Because of its lots of features, it is been exported lots of other countries. The project name is F-16 project has roots of west and it is confirmed in the year of 1976. According to the current information and researches it has been produced about 4400 up to now. The company still is producing to this model and exporting it to the other countries.



The Number of Countries that are using the models of F-16 Fighting Falcon

In today’s world according to the current researches the number of countries that are using the models of F-16 Fighting falcon is 24. These 24 countries are using its different models. F-16 is generally called as Fighting Falcon but the pilots call it as Viber. From its first version, it has been developed continuously to much extend. It has lots of features. For example; it is the first war aircraft that can endure 9G. This means that when pilots are using the aircraft it supports lots of easiness to pilots. When we look at the technical features of F-16 Fighting Falcon we see that its length is 15,03m, its wing width is 9.45m, its height is 5.09m and its wing area is 27.88m2. As a result we can say that it is the most great war aircraft in the world and it has lots of features that make the pilot relax and using it easy for the pilot.


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