How Many Countries are there that speak English along the world?

A short view to English Language

As we know the English language maybe one of the most used and popular languages along the world. Lots of people are using English as their first language and they are using it also their second language. We can say that it is common language of the whole world. The language of English takes its roots from Germen language.



The communities that change their places with migration of tribes, the Germen communities bring this language to the Britain Islands and then people who are living there start to talk in English. In world today about 350 million people are using the language of English and about 100 million people are talking in English in a very fluent way as a foreign language. 20 percent of the world’s population is enough in English. In international communication and international trade the language of English are being used to much extend so we can say that again it is a mutual languages of all people who are different parts of the world and who are trading with each other. The scientist along the world is reading in English and when we look at the ratio of English in the field of science about seventy percent of the essays that are scientific are in English. 40 million of people who are using the internet need English when they are using the internet because on the internet again the mutual language is English and the people who are using the internet must know the English to some extend otherwise it can be difficult for them to understand the essays or other necessary things in the internet. When we look at the importance of English from the point of education and carrier we see that it is very widespread along the world. For example; when a person learn English in a perfect way he or she can find a good job such as being a teacher or he or she can develop himself or herself from the point of their academic carrier and they can earn lots of money by using their English. On the other hand, for example in the different parts of the world when people learn English and when they are able to speak it well they can be a tourist guide and only by using this way he or she can learn money. When we look at the whole world we can see the countries that are using the English but only as their first language but also as their foreign language. Now let’s look at the number of countries that use English along the world. There are about 140 countries that speak language of English and these countries are all the different parts of the world. The reason why there are lots of countries that use English is the effect of the British Empire to the whole world.


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