How Many Countries are there that are producing the Wind Energy in the World Today?

Are you interested in the news that is available in the world currently? Do you have any information about the sources of the energies that are in the world and used by the most of the people today? In our work, today, we are going to make a short analysis about the effects of the energy sources to the earth and we will give some information about the wind energy and the countries that are producing the wind energy in the world today. As all we know, the getting the energy is one of the major problems in our world and there are lots of different countries that are in the world today that are trying to produce the energy because it is possible to say that the getting energy is one of the most significant issue for the people. Because in order to keep their lives to go on, people need the energy because in our world, it is no longer that almost all of the tools that we use needs energy and in the different markets of the world people need energy.


As all we know, the most used source of energy in the world today is the energy of the electricity. We can say that between the %80 and %90 of the people in the world today are using the electric energy. Especially after the period of the industrial revolution, the need for the energy have been increasing too much extend and it seems that in the future the need for the energy will be increased too much extend because lots of new industries are emerging in the different regions of the world. When we look at the our neighbor, it is possible to see that there are lots of different positive ways of the energies that we use because it is clear that without the energy, we cant keep our lives to go on and at this point we can easily see the significance of the using of the energy.


On the other hand again there are lots of different negative ways of the using of the energies especially electric energy and the energy that are get from the different sources that are not natural and the first result of the using these kind of the energies is that the damaging of the nature by them. At this point people have to be very careful when they are using these kinds of the energies, because one day our earth will be destroyed if the necessary precautions are not taken. At this point, in last years there are lots of different precautions for the negative results of the mall using of the energy, first of all we can see that the people are starting to produce the alternative energy sources and again at this point wind energy is one of the most common and one of the most significant source of the energy in the world. Today in the whole world there are approximately 59 different countries that are producing the energy of the wind and in the future it seems that their number will be increased because of the positive effects of them not only to the nature but also to the people.

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