How Many people are living in Gaza and how many of them have been killed by Israel up to now?

What are your thoughts about the wars in the world? What can be done for not the dying of the people and especially the women and the children? As all we know from the beginning of the humanity, people have been killing each other and there are lots of the different reasons of people’s killing each other but whatever the reason is killing a person is the worst thing that are available in the world and because of this reason people have to be careful about this situation and they should be aware for the peace of the world and people have to do whatever they can in order to keep the peace in the world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the war between Israel and Palestine and the reasons of the war that is between those countries and we will give some specific information about the killing of the people and the number of them. Let’s look at those subjects all together.

Mideast Israel Palestinians

The War between the Israel and Palestine

In the year of 1948, the state of Israel is found in Middle East and from that date to now there have been lots of the different conflicts between Arabic people and Israel country. Those people have been killing each other for the religion but are it true that people kill each other? Which religions says that its people to killing the people who are believing the different religion except for that religion. As all we know all of the religions that are available in the world today prohibit the killing the people so why people are killing each other? When we look at the reasons of the people’s killing each other we can see that there are lots of the other reasons except for the religion. As all we know the region of Middle East is a place where the petrol is too much and because of the get the petrol that are available in Middle East people are killing to each other.


It is not limited just in the region of the Israel or Palestine, it is possible to see that in the almost all of the regions of the Middle East there is a conflict between people. Nowadays, Israel is killing lots of the people who are innocent and nobody knows about the situation and also they don’t know when this war between those countries will be ended and we hope that as soon as possible this war will end. In accordance with the researches and the calculations that are done currently there are approximately 1000 people are killed by the Israel soldiers and now the war is still continue. As members of the world, millions of the people want to stop that war and want to stop the dying of the innocent people especially who are children and women.


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