How Many Ubuntu Users are there all around the whole world?

With the rapid development of the technology especially after the industrial revolution almost in all fields there are lots of new and different developments are there. In our lives especially there are lots of innovations that makes our lives more easier than before. On this point we can count lots of the new innovations that make our lives more easy and if we think more specifically we can say that maybe one of the most important and one of the most beneficial of the these innovations is the using of the computer and the internet in our daily lives in our modern era. By using the personal computers people can make lots of their works in an easy way, correspondingly with these developments in the field of the computers there are lots of innovations on the field of the development of the software. 



There are los of different companies today in the world today that are producing software for the computers. Maybe one of the biggest and the most popular company in the world is the Microsoft. It is producing lots of new software day by day and in the field of the management system it is the best. The company of the Microsoft has management systems that name is Windows and there are lots of different versions of windows. In the whole world, millions of people are using the Windows and they are pleased to using that. But on the other hand there are also lots of different operating systems in the world. There are other companies and they are also producing software on this point today we are going to make a short analysis about the operating system of Ubuntu. It is a operating system that is based upon the operating system of Linux, in the October of the 2004 it is released to the market and from that time on to now people have been using it in their multimedia tools.



When we look at the users of the operating system of Ubuntu we see that today approximately there are up to 20 million users of Ubuntu. It is very special operating system and it is different from other operating systems because people can change the features of the system and they can develop in accordance with their different wishes and maybe because of this it is the most liked operating systems between those kind of operating systems. The project of Ubuntu is established by Mark Shuttleworth and again the different developments of the operating systems are protected by the company of Mark Shuttleworth. Most probably in the future the people who are finding interesting to develop such a systems will make changes in the Ubuntu and again most probably new features will be added to the operating system of Ubuntu. There is a software center of Ubuntu and people can download approximately 40.000 different software by using this data base and it can be used all around the whole world.

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