How Many countries Are Producing Oil in the World Today?

How Many countries Are Producing Oil in the World Today?

In the whole world, each year millions of ton petrol are produced and the used by the people. As all we know the significance of the petrol is not denied because all of the people are using the petrol in their lives every day. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the how the using of the petrol is developed too much extend and correspondingly to this situation the importance of the petrol and at the end of the work, we will give some information about the several countries that are producing oil in the whole world today. First of all we are going to make a short analysis about the history of the petrol and the development of the using of the petrol in our modern era.


The History of the Petrol

As all we know, almost all of the different places of the world, the petrol are one of the most significant needs that people have to use in their lives. At this point, when we look at the importance of it, we can say that after the water and the food, the petrol is one of the most important needs for the people. Especially in the countries that the industry is developed too much extend the need for the petrol is in high extends and at this point each year lots of the several countries are getting petrol from the other countries. Not we are going to look the history of the petrol. As far as we know, the forming of the petrol can be based upon the eras that are millions of years ago and the petrol is formed by the fossils of different animals and the plants and with the process under the soil, millions of years later these fossils are converted into the petrol by the several factors that are chemically.


The root of the word of the “Petrol” is based upon the two Latin words and one of them is Petra and it means “Stone” and the other vocabulary is the “Oleum” and this also means that Oil. When it is researched, it can be seen that the first time, Petrol is used in the 4th century in the country of the China and after that period to now, people have been using the petrol effectively in their lives and it can be clearly said that petrol makes the people’s live much more easier than the old times. Today there are lots of different types of the petrol because of the difference of the using fields of it, not only in the industries of the countries but also on the other hand in the field of the running of the cars and other means of the transportations such as the train and the plain the petrol is used too much extend. The number of the countries that are producing the petrol is the 115 and still there are lots of researches in order to find other sources of the petrol in the different countries.


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