How Many Companies Do Produce the LCD Screens in the world?

Are you interested in technology? Do you like the follow the technology? Do ou watch television in your free time? Today in the whole world, in almost all of the houses, there are at least two televisions. With the rapid development of the technology especially in the period that is after the industrial revolution, the humanity is introduced to new innovations and new inventions. 



At this point it is possible to say that one of the most important and one of the most popular innovation in people’s lives from the point of technology is the invention of the televisions. As we said before, today the televisions become the part of the people’s lives and if we say that there are millions of people that cant live without television, it is not wrong because when we look at the neighbor of us it is possible to see that there are lots of different people who are addicted to the television and without watching television daily, they cant keep their lives to go on in a regular way, they have to watch and get some fun from the television. As we said before, on account of the fact that the rapid development of the technology like all fields in the field of television production industry, there are lots of different innovations. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the history of the televisions and we will look to the televisions that are used today and how they change from the history. Now, let’s look at the history of the television.




The History of Television


When we look at the history of the first television, we see that in the year of 1923 it is invented by a scientist John Logie Baird in the country of England. After that time to our day, it has been developed too much extend with the help of the rapid technology. When we look at the working principle of the television, we see that the electromagnetic waves are send by the transmitters and in the air these electromagnetic waves are goes to the whole world and another receiver receives the these electromagnetic waves and at the end of the process we get the vision in the television. When we look at the meaning of the word of television, we see that that word is based on the Greek base and it is originally formed by two different words and these are tele and vision and “tele” means far and “vision” means display or image and from that word we can get the working principle of the televisions. In the whole world today there are lots of different television manufacturers, in last years the televisions that have LCD screen have been developed and it seems that in the future these LCD screens will be produced and their numbers will be increased because of the high demand of these kind of televisions. In the world today there are 3 LCD screen producers and they are Sharp, Samsung and LG companies.


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