How Many Churches Are There in Istanbul?

A short view to the history of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most popular cities from the point of history and its ethnic difference. Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey and it is the most developed city of Turkey. From the point of economical way it is 34. In the world and when we look at the length of the municipality it is coming second in Europe after Moscow. Istanbul has very important geopolitical position because of the fact that it’s connecting two continents each other. aya_rini_kilisesi


These continents are Asia and Europe. When we look at the history of Istanbul, it can be said that it is a cradle of cultures. From the history lots of people have been living in Istanbul and in future lots of different people will live in Istanbul. It can be said that Istanbul is a metropolitan city, there are lots of people who are from different parts of Turkey and other east countries and again there are lots of people who believe different religions. On this point we can see the wealth of cultures and religions in Istanbul. It can be said that Istanbul is one of the oldest cities of the world so there are empires that live in Istanbul in history. For example; between the years of B.C 330-395 Roman Empire live in Istanbul and then between the years of 395-1204 and 1261-1453 East Roman Empire live in Istanbul and this empire is also called as Byzantium Empire and then from the year of 1453 to 1923 it is the capital of Ottoman Empire. In addition to these emperors, Istanbul is the capital of Islamic world between the years of 1517 and 1924 again this is important information of the cultural way of Istanbul. In these times, all of the emperors build their structures in Istanbul. When a person goes to Istanbul he or she can find lots of architectural buildings and they are very important and it can be said that it is a tunnel of history. There are lots of churches, mosques, monasteries and lots of other places of worships in there. Now, let’s look at the number of churches in Istanbul.safe_image


The number of the Churches in Istanbul

In Istanbul, Greek orthodox churches are very widespread when you travel in city. Anybody can see lots of Greek orthodox churches in Istanbul when they are walking in the road in Istanbul because on the time of East Roman empire lots of churches are built in Istanbul. On the other hand, there are lots of Armenian Churches, Catholic Churches, and Anglican and Protestant churches in Istanbul. When we look at the number of churches in Istanbul, we can see that there are 123 churches in Istanbul. Lots of the people who are living in Istanbul today are Muslim but in spite of the fact that people who are Christian can make their religious services in an easy way. People is the garden of tolerance.Stephan-Bulgar-Kilisesi2

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