How many advantages of a Software Engineer career are there?

Computer is on everywhere and computer related jobs are everyone’s dream now. According to career experts, there will be more and more demand to computer engineers, software engineers and more computer related careers. Most of the computer related workers are working in offices and safe environments. They are earning over the average and working for good companies. Because of high demand, many people are now working in the computer related jobs neither they have not enough skill. System engineer is not one of them because it needs high mathematic skills on the job. How many advantages of a Software Engineer career are there?

According to latest numbers, there are 909,600 individuals are employed on software engineering jobs in U.S. Today in U.S, 57 percent of software engineers are making computer applications and left is designing systems software.
According to formal reports, job availability for a software engineer’s is higher than any other computer related jobs.
Also in next 10 years, demand for software engineers will grow 32 percent. Especially computer systems design companies will need more and more software engineers. Also software companies will need more software engineers. For software engineers who don’t want to work on such companies, it’s possible to find job in government and non-profit organizations. Especially cities like Colorado, Virginia, Washington and Massachusetts need more software engineers.
Advancement potential is also very high on software engineering. It’s one of the most developing sectors and everyday there’s something new for software engineers. It means gaining skill is easy and job related in software engineering and it makes easier to make career in software engineering. It also helps to gain social skills because software engineers mostly works in groups or social teams. If you have skills to see big picture, you can easily go up in your career.

Work environment of software engineering is not so hard but also not so easy. A software engineer must work with math theories all day and repairing a small mistake is very hard because of big projects. Because of working in a team, your social skill must be good and you must be patient. Work hours are mostly 40 hours per week. But if there’s a new system installment or there’s a work with deadline, it’s mostly over 50 hours per week. It’s up to your contract but most of the system engineers work only internal and they don’t work with costumers’ directly so jobs with close deadlines come rare.
Salary of software engineer is always higher than most other computer related workers. According to latest research, till 2010, software engineering is the highest paid job in computer related careers.
Most known problem about software engineer career is that people working on this sector are mostly employing by big companies and these companies need some stressful environments naturally. Many new software engineers are having great difficulty if their first job is in big companies and leaving their jobs for small companies.
Also specializing in one coding language is not enough now for software engineers. A skilled software engineer must be professional at least two languages like C++ and Java. He also need to know information about new coding languages.
A skilled software engineer can find jobs in each country of the world but especially countries like China, India and United States need them. They can also start their own job and sell their products to companies. But many companies today employing their own software engineers and staying away from buying software from other companies because of security reasons and high prices.

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