How many Godfather movies are there?

The Godfather movie series are one of the most famous movies in the cinema history. Movie is based on the Mario Puzo’s The Godfather novel. After first movie’s success other Godfather movies followed it. How many Godfather movies are there?

There are three The Godfather movies. The Godfather 1 is highest-grossing of all time movies. Francis Ford Coppola directed film and The Godfather won 3 Oscar awards at 1972. The Godfather 1 is about crime family Corleone’s rivals Tattaglia family and Corleone family’s surviving story mainly.

Godfather 1’s real star was Al Pacino. Also Marlon Brando was in an unforgettable role Vito Corleone. Also Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton were the stars of Godfather 1.

Godfather 2 was on 1974. Francis Ford Coppola again directed the movie. Some new actors and actress added to cast. Most famous one is Robert De Niro. Movie’s plot is mostly in flashbacks. Also Corleone’s family problems take a big part of story.

Godfather 2 won 6 Academy awards. Also it made 139 million gross at all. Movie created stars like Robert De Niro, John Cazale and Marianna Hill.

The Godfather Part III is the last part of series. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1990. Main story of The Godfather 3 is Michael Corleone. There were some controversies about The Godfather 3 but movie won seven Academy Awards.

Series also created an effect called ““Godfather Effect” in American society. Corleone family’s proud of ethnicity spread lots of people ethnic feelings.

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