How many versions of Java are there?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages today. It’s created in Sun Microsystems by James Gosling and first release was in 1995. It became Sun Microsystems’ Java Platform’s core component. System was firstly very similar to C and C++ but it was basic and easier to code. Java codes are only possible to run on Java Virtual Machine. One of the Java’s most important features was WORA. It was a feature that when a programmer if a program is working on a platform, it means programmer doesn’t need to recompile it to suit for another program. Java always developed and new versions are released. How many versions of Java are there?


Sun Microsystems firstly tried to use it for interactive TVs but then development in personal computer world changed their mind. Firstly language is named as “Oak” but then Sun Microsystems changed it to “Java”.
First public implementation of Java is released on 1995 with the name Java 1.0. Its codename was Oak. Java name started to use with JDK 1.0.2. It was also the first stable version of Java. Its “Write Once, Run Anywhere” feature was what all code developers were looking for. Code developers and major web browsers firstly tested its security and Java passes security tests. Soon after major browsers started to run Java Applets and it became a revolution in virtual world.

In 1998, Sun Microsystems released J2SE 1.2. It’s codename was Playground and it was offering different configurations for different platforms. J2EE’s aim was enterprise applications and J2ME was mobile java. Also features like Java Plug-in, Java IDL and strictfp keyword came with this version firstly.
J2SE 1.3 is released on 2000.It’s codename was Kestrel. J2SE’s most important feature was Java Naming and Directory Interface. It was allowing Java to let directory service implementations. Also Sun Microsystems released “Remote debugger application tools” and started to share and fix Java problems with developers. CORBA compatibility is also upgraded.
J2SE 1.4 is released on 2002 with Merlin codename. It was the first release of Java Community Process. Version made some futuristic developments like IPv6 support. Also a problematic input/output system is changed to an advanced new input/output system. A new Api was possible for JPEG and PNG reading/writing.

J2SE 5.0 was the official name of J2SE 1.5 released in 2004. This version was a big upgrade for J2SE. Sun Microsystems’ main aim was changing old codes to all new ones. It was the last version supporting Microsoft Windows 9x line. Also developers found that Java SE 6 Update 7 is supporting Microsoft Windows 9x line. Java 5 installed as default in Apple Mac OS X 10.5.
Java SE 6 is released on 2006. It’s codename was Mustang. “J2SE” name is changed to Java SE by Sun Microsystems. It was the first time Sun released firstly beta versions and then stable version. Support for built-in Mozilla JavaScript Rhino was notable development in this version. Also Sun Microsystems firstly worked on processor based developments officially with core platform development in this version. Java SE 6 made totally 33 updates since 2012-06-12. They were mostly security updates, most important updates were Java SE 6 Update 18 with Ubuntu and Windows 7 support and Java SE 6 Update 25 that Java SE started to support Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 10.

After so many updates, Sun surprisingly released Java SE 7. Its codename was Dolphin. It was announced as major update. Java SE 8 is expected for 2013 Summer. Also Sun Microsystems discussed with developers about what Java 9 must include.

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