How Many Chinese Characters Are There?

Do you have any information about the different languages in the world?  What do you think about the difficulties of the different languages? Which language is the most difficult in the world for you? Today in the world, there are lots of different languages that are spoken in the different regions of the world and on the other hand there are hundreds of accents of those languages. When we look at the history of the languages, we can see that hundreds of the different languages have been dying from the history and it seems that in the future again some languages that are spoken today will be disappeared. When we think about the different reasons of those languages’ being disappear we can see lots of thinks. First of all we can say the disappearing the some races is one of the most important cause of the disappearing the languages. Today in the world, as all we know, the most spoken language is English and in the whole world, millions of the people are speaking that language not only as their mother tongues but on the other hand they are using it their second official languages in the different countries of the world.images (1)

When we look at the second language that is spoken in the world, we are seeing the language of the China. Chinese are spoken in the world in a common way. First of all, the most important reason of the using of the Chinese in the world is the high population of the country of Chinese and on the other hand we can see there are lots of other reasons about it. When we think about the world market today from the point of the different industries, we can see the significant effects of the China in that market because of the low costs of the goods in that country because of the high population and at this point the exports of the country is going to increasing day by day and on account of the fact that the using of the language of the Chinese is increasing day by day. But when we look at the difficulty of the language of the Chinese, it can be possible to say that it is one of the most difficult languages in the world.


Unlike the Latin alphabet or other alphabets, there are not letters in the language of Chinese, in that language there are different characters and each character represent a word in the language. The exact number of the characters are not known even by the people who are speaking the language of the Chinese, but on the other hand in accordance with the researches that are done by the linguistics, there are approximately 68.000 different characters in the language of Chinese and because of this reason the learning and the speaking of that language is very difficult. The people who want to learn that language should study too much in order to get all of these characters.


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