How Many Chess Players Are There In The World?

How Many Chess Players Are There In The World?


Chess is one of the oldest games in the world. Today, it is considered as a sports and there are many events organized in all around the world. But did you ever wonder how many chess players are there in the world? If so, you can find the approximate answer in this article. But before providing you the numbers and where we received it from, let us talk about the chess game. As you know, it is a game which can be played with two opponents. The rules of the game are universal but you may have limited time to complete the game in tournaments.

First of all, it prevents children to form bad habits. Children who began to play chess in their childhood have their reasonability sense develop faster. Thus, they will notice the difference between the good choices and bad choices better than their peers. Chess also helps people to understand the value of acting with a plan. This feature is a very valuable feature that you can take the advantage in your entire lifetime. It helps you to think fast and wisely while allowing you to improve your sense of perception under certain circumstances.


It is also found that people who play chess regularly can deal with the stress in a better manner when compared to those who do not. People began to think logically and this will reflect on their character and personality. It will also boost the self-confidence and develop it. Chess players are usually aware of their powerful and weak sides. Thus they are able to take better decisions under stress or any unwanted condition or feeling. Did you know that most of the basketball players have to play chess as a part of their training?


This is very important for most of the team sports. You need to act wisely in order to be a better team. Players have to compliment each other on the field and this is only possible with prediction. Chess can help you a lot in this regard. Moreover, players learn to obey the rules, learn how to accept the loss and congratulate the winner. Such features will be really beneficial both in social and business life. To say it simply, chess is a unique game which needs to be promoted more in order to raise healthy individuals in our society.


So, now it is time to talk about the total amount of the chess players in the world. According to the FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs), there are more than 200,000,000 chess players in all around the world. They reached this conclusion by checking each community, attendance at the events and so on. There are many factors which can affect this figure such as the websites and forums. Chess is a different world with its own rules and fun. If you want to contribute to the development of your children, it will be a good idea to practice some chess with them. In this way, you will both have good times and let your children develop themselves mentally.

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