How many car models are there in Ferrari 2012 collection?

Ferrari S.p.A. is world famous Italian car creator. Their main town is Maranello. Company is founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. Company became famous with its concept and racing cars. Now Ferrari is one of the most popular teams in Formula 1. Ferrari is always a sign of luxury. Also its developments on engines and other car staff always lead to car world. Company produced legendary cars like 125 S, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari 166 Inter. Company is now working on hybrid and Bio-fuel cars. How many car models are there in Ferrari 2012 collection?

There are 4 current models today in Ferrari Catalogue. One of them is Ferrari California. Car is on the grand touring sports car category. Car’s debut is made on 2008 Paris Motor Show. Car has a V8 engine, 7-speed transmission and direct petrol injection. 310 km/h is the top speed of car. Also it goes from zero to hundred kilometers on 3.9 seconds.

Other current model of Ferrari is Ferrari 458 Italia. Car is on the mid-engined sports car category. It’s successor of Ferrari F430. Car has V8 engine, 7-speed transmission and magnetorheological dampers. Top speed of car is 325 km/h and 0-100 km/h speed is 3.4.

Ferrari F12berlinetta is another current model of Ferrari. It’s categorized as rear-wheel-drive grand tourer with front mid-engine. It’s the successor of Ferrari 599. It has a V12 engine. Top speed of it is 340 km/h and 0-100 acceleration is 3.1 seconds. Ferrari FF is also a current model of Ferrari.


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