How Many Different Types of Fishes Are There in The World?

From the beginning of the humanity, people are in need of finding food in order to keep their lives to continue and as a result of this situation they have been heading to the nature in order to get food not only for themselves but also on the other hand they want to find food for their children and family. 


On this point we can see that the people are getting their food from the nature and it seems that in the future again they will get their food with the help of nature. At first we can see that they are eating the meats of the some animals, like cattle, sheep, pig and chicken and on the other hand they are eating fish also and it can be possible to say that the fish is one of the most important and one of the most important source of food not only for the people but also for the other animate things like animals. Today we are going to give some information about the fishes and the different kinds of the fishes. When we say the name of the fish we can see the animals that are living in the sea and in the different times of the year some types of the fishes are immigrating to the different districts in order to keep their lives to continue. When we look at the whole world we can see that how people are consuming the fish as a food on their dinner. There are millions of people who are crazy about the fishes in order to eat them and when we look at the countries that the fishes are consumed mostly we can say that the country of Japan is coming the first in this field and on the other hand we can count the countries that have ports to the sea or oceans. From the beginning of the earth, millions of types of fishes have been living and we can see that again millions of them have been extinct because of the illegal hunting and mal techniques in the hunting. Now let’s look at the types of fished that are living today in the whole world.


The Number of the Types of Fishes that Are Living in the World Today


In accordance with the current researches that are done by the experts today in the whole world there are approximately 230.000 different types of the fishes and as we said before in the different regions of the world there are different types of the fishes in accordance with the features of the water that they live. Today there are millions of people who are keeping their lives to continue with the help of the trade of fishes and because of this the fishing industry is very important all over the whole world and people have to be careful to the fishes and the nature otherwise the number of the types can be decreased and as a result of this lots of catastrophes can be emerged.


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