How Many Calories Are there in Banana?





Fruits are indispensible for people. In order to keep their lives continue people have to eat and drink and as we said fruits is one of the most necessary foods for people. Fruit is formed by flowers’ female organ’s becoming different as a result of pollination and development of the ovary. And as a result of this a flower of the fruit tree gives the fruits. 

We can summarize the development of fruits in this way. In our world there are lots of fruits and even in every season people can find the almost every fruit they want thanks to the hot houses and the development of the technology. We can say the fruits that are eaten out of the season can be harmful to the people’s health because in order to grow them people are using extra hormones and this is very dangerous for people’s health. In this point if people be careful when they are consuming the fruits or other foods, it will be better for people’s health otherwise it can cause lots of disasters live cancer and this can be a catastrophe for people. In modern world, when we think from the point of natural fruits, these fruits are growing in the different regions of the world for example; there are fruits that only growing in the tropical regions and there are fruits that grow on the cold climates and we can count lots of examples about fruits.

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Banana and its Characteristic Features.

Banana is a fruit that grows up the region of Southeast Asia’s tropical regions. It is body is shrub and when we look the its flavor we see that it is very delicious and because of its taste lots of people like it very much and they are using it lots of pies or other foods. It can be said that it is the most consumed fruit in the world. The reason of why people are consuming the banana is not only its easy accessibility and easy consuming fruit but also people can access it very easy way. In addition to these features banana have lots of calories, minerals, proteins, vitamins and amino acids in its body. In the countries of west Europe it is only a fruit that are looked for only its taste and smell, on the other hand when we look at the third world countries it is very basic food for people in order to keep their lives continue. So the main topic is the number of calories a banana have. As we know like in each different fruit, banana has different sizes and in this point we can say that every banana has different calories but how can we know how many calories a banana has? As an average, a banana that is up to six inches and it is about approximately 81 g is said a small banana and it contains 75 calories in average. When the size of the banana become great this number of calories also will be great.

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