How Many Calories Are There In 100 Gram Peas?

How Many Calories Are There In 100 Gram Peas?


Pea is a vegetable which grows in the form of small green seeds and it is usually consumed during the spring season while they are still fresh. Peas are not consumed as a food only but they are used as a decoration material in restaurants for different meals. The peas are very beneficial for the human health apart from their beautiful look and authentic taste. Peas owe their benefits to the rich foods sources they contain. The vegetable has plenty of vitamin K, E, C, and A. Peas also contain minerals such as iron, copper, and magnesium. Now let’s talk about the benefits of peas.


Benefits of Peas


Peas are very beneficial for human health thanks to their content. It is very useful for intestines and other organs but especially the digestive system. Peas can be also used for the skin health and they are being used in many facial creams. Peas also contain estrogen and thus, it is advised for the breastfeeding mothers. It contributes to balance the cholesterol level in people. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant feature, peas protect the skin cells from the damage caused by the free radicals. Moreover, peas can boost our immune system, good for hemorrhoid and digestive system as well as they will protect the health of blood cells due to its high vitamin K content.


Peas also contain vitamin C and folic acids. Thus, peas can help us to clean our skin. Did you know that peas are good for infections and fungus when it is used in combination with one spoon of sesame oil? In addition to these, peas are very beneficial for the brain health. They should be especially consumed by those who stay in front of the computer screen for long periods and be exposed to radiation.


Harmful Effects of Peas


There is no certain and proven information that peas are harmful to the human health. On the contrary, it is popular as being a beneficial vegetable. However, some of the harmful effects of the peas can be mentioned as follows. Peas contain oxalate which is a substance available in our body fluids and it may lead to different complications by crystallizing the water. Therefore, it may be logical to limit the peas consumption in those people who have problems with their kidneys and gall. The oxalate produced by the peas may prevent calcium absorption.


These are all things that you need to know about the peas. It will be worth to note that you will experience side effects in case you will over-consume any food. Therefore, it will be logical to consume this beneficial vegetable in reasonable amounts. Now, let’s answer our question. 100 grams of pea only contains 84 calories. Needless to say, peas are one of the most healthy vegetables that you can consume during the day. Do not forget to include this beneficial food into your diet and start taking the advantage of their benefits. We wish you a healthy day to all of our visitors.

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