How many cafes in Paris?

Paris is famous for its cafes all over the world. Lots of famous writers and painters made their famous works in these cafes. Paris’ cafes have a special name Parisian Café. How many cafes in Paris?

Café culture is started on middle ages of France. Writers and painters were coming to these cafes for creating. On the first years of cafes, only famous people used it. Then all people started to date on cafes.

There were over 45.000 cafes at 1800s in Paris. This number is now over 7.000. There are some traditional cafes on Paris like Aux Folies. Some of them are very expensive and luxury.

Cafe de Flore is one of the most famous cafes on Paris. It’s a pavement café like Les Deux Magots and it’s a main dilemma which one is good in France. Prices are over top in Café de Flore but atmosphere is worth to it.

Aux Folies is the most famous café of Belleville. Its pavement terrace is always crowded whether it’s night or day. Edith Piaf was the regular of Aux Folies and café was selling only French food and beverages. Now the style of café is changed and it’s possible to find foods from African and European culture.

Au Petit Fer a Cheval is on the oldest part of Paris called The Marais. It’s an intellectual area. So café is always full of writers and movie makers. Also Le Sancerre, Chez Prune and Pause Café are the famous cafes of Paris.

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