How many Bulldog breeds are there?

Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds. Today people referring English bulldog when they used the Bulldog name. Dog breed firstly seen in 1500s. Bulldog name and breed is coming from 1500s popular Bull-baiting game. In bull-baiting game main aim was getting bulls angry and releasing bulldogs to bite them. Game prohibited on 1835 but dog breed bulldog is still possible to see. After prohibitions, immigrants took bulldogs to America and mostly New York. They used to save from wild bulls of America. How many Bulldog breeds are there?

Today there are 4 official bulldog breeds in the world. They are French Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, Australian Bulldog and American Bulldog.
American Bulldog is a bulldog breed developed in United States. There are today three official types of American Bulldog. They are the Classic type, Hybrid type and Performance type. American Bulldogs are mainly using in Southern and Midwestern farms and small villages today. Original color of American Bulldog was white but now it’s possible to find them on colors like brown, red or brindle shades. American Bulldog breed’s temperament is softer than traditional bulldog breed. They are very active, social and family friendly. Main problem of American Bulldog is that breed is mostly nonreactive against strangers. They must be provoked very seriously before they decided to attack. But after attack, they tend to kill and have a high pain tolerance.
Olde English Bulldogge is the original breed of Bulldog. They developed for bull-baiting games in England. Their temperament is always active and confident. Also they are very socialize and friendly for their families. They like working and making exercise. They have a weight standard but domestic ones are facing obesity problem after 2000s. They registered as purebred in America and Europe.

Australian Bulldog is also known as Aussie Bulldog. Dog breed is created in 1990s. Main attempt to create new breeds was developing Bulldogs without their genetic illnesses. Australian Bulldog is characteristic with its big skull but also skull is oriented to body. Eye color of Australian Bulldogs may vary. Their temperament is mostly calm and royal. Their main disadvantage is unaggressive characteristic. Australians don’t use them as guardians. They only show aggression to some types of dog. They also attack to sheep herd. Today there are still researches on Australian Bulldog breeding.

The French bulldog is the smallest main bulldog breed in the world. It’s believed that French Bulldog’s origin is coming from ancient Greek. Phoenician traders of Ancient Greek were using and were selling this type of dog. They used in Bull-baiting games but after this game were prohibited, their numbers are decreased. Developers tried to breed them with terriers. After breeding, new breed is started to sell in England with the Toy Bulldog name and became popular. They accepted as the most intelligent Bulldog breed. They are compact and very active. Their main colors are brindle shades, white or fawn. Their skin is always soft. They like to create close contact with their owners. They don’t like exercising but a walk in a week is required for them. It’s very hard to live in outside for them and most of the runaway French Bulldogs only live for five days. They are very slog while swimming and it’s very dangerous because they are tending to drown. Today French Bulldogs are mostly choosing for their companion and sweet face. Also they have problems on birth and veterinaries use caesarean section for them.

There are also breeds like Antebellum Bulldog, Bullenbeisser, Catahoula Bulldog, Boxer and Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge in the world.

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