How many breeds of Rottweiler are there?

The Rottweiler is one of the most popular dog breeds ever. They were used to herd livestock in Wild West and then became popular in U.S and Europe. According to historians, first Rottweiler are used for hunting but then they evaluated and today Rottweiler has low hunting instinct. Today Rottweiler is mostly using as search and rescue dogs. Also they are using as guard to blind people. According to latest information, Rottweiler dogs firstly used in Roman Empire. Then German army used them for search and rescue of their soldiers. How many breeds of Rottweiler are there?

There are 3 main types of Rottweiler dogs. They are American Rottweilers, German Rottweilers and Roman Rottweilers. According to Rottweiler owners, American Rottweiller’s adaptation is harder than German Rottweiler’s adaptation. They need more time to adapt especially in colder climates. Some Rottweiler owners reported that they can be more attacking in the adaptation period. When they adapted, they can live in apartment but they mostly live in gardens and in their own kennels. They are very intelligent and they can learn easily. It’s not logical to wait them some doggish tricks but they can learn how to guard. They need some socializing especially after middle ages and it’s very important for them. They can make exercise themselves and they don’t need to walk all day for keeping form.

German Rottweiler is easier to adapt than American Rottweiler according to Rottweiler owners. New American Rottwiler breeds have some health problems and they need to be cared especially after middle ages. Especially eye problems and hip dysplasia are their main troubles. They can easily understand children and adapt to their characters. But it’s still dangerous to leave them alone with children. They like to play games but they are tired easily so they need to rest after all games. It’s hard to teach them by and amateur teacher so they need professional care. They don’t like social life and they mostly die alone.
Roman Rottweiler dogs are not now coming from original Roman Empire breed but there are some breeders that claim about original breed. Adaptability of Roman Rottweiler breed is harder than any other Rottweiler breed. They need some training to learn the adaptability but they must be keep in their own kennels. They don’t like socializing and they mostly live alone. Some of the Roman Rottweiler dogs need extra exercise like walking every day and they are tend to obesity.
They are also rare Rottweiler breeds. They are now very expensive and valuable. Also there are some dog types that come from breeding of Rottweiler and other dog types. Many researches showed that Rottweiler is very hard to breed with other dog types and when the result is successful, new breed is very valuable.
Docking tails of Rottweiler’s is a tradition but in 1999, firstly Germany, then many countries banned the docking the tails of Rottweiler. Till 1999, it’s rare to see Rottweiler’s with short tails. Also American Kennel Club is only accepting new Rottweiler’s with long tail.
There are some guides about differences between American and German Rottweiler. Lifespan of a standard Rottweiler is 10-12 years but it’s less for American Rottweiler’s because of breeding problems. According to American Kennel Club, Male Rottweiler’s average height is 24–27 inches and female’s average height is 22–25 inches. Males are heavier than females. Average male Rottweiler is 110 pounds while females are 92.5 pounds. While American Kennel Club is registering the dog breed as working dog, United Kennel Club is registering the dog as guardian dog.

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