How many bacterias are in the human mouth ?

About 600 different species of bacteria live in the mouth of a normal person. We are ammutual cooperation between these bacteria must. Plenty of nutrients for microorganisms we call the oral flora, such as intra-oral secretions and constant temperature conditions,are well adapted to live. However, establishing colonies from abroad, foreign and potentially harmful microorganisms proliferate and secrete chemicals that kill germs in the colony to establish a foreign place and they help the immune system.
However, one of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans in the oral flora of dental careneeded if we are not lead to tooth decay. S. mutans after eating sugary foods, especially sucrose, refined sugar you eat the candy out of their cells or cells in the “gluten ‘to store itfor later use by the conversion of sugars called polymers .
Stored outdoors “gluten,” the cell a sticky substance. The bacteria in plaque that accumulates on teeth and around gluten make a biofilm, or other name. Brushing teeth after meals will not be destroyed if a layer of plaque. Problems begin.

 Brush your teeth to combat bacteria!

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