How many albums Vanessa Williams has?

Vanessa Lynn Williams is a famous American R&B singer. She was the first girl took crown in Miss America with its African-American descent. Then Vanessa Williams started to release albums by 1988. Her last album was on 2009. How many albums Vanessa Williams has?

Vanessa Williams has total eight albums. First album The Right Stuff released on 1988. Album sold over 500.000 and took three Grammy Awards.

Her second album The Comfort Zone released in 1991. Hit song “Running back to you” of the album hit Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list and stand on 1st step for weeks.

The Sweetest Days was the third album of Vanessa Williams. “The Way That You Love” became famous but the album couldn’t catch old albums place.

Star Bright was a Christmas album and sold over 500.000. The album sold big but couldn’t hit the lists. Some songs of it is released again in The Christmas Collection: The Best Of Vanessa Williams.

Next album did not gain any commercial success. But the song “First Thing on Your Mind” made a good impact especially in American society. Also Silver & Gold album couldn’t make a commercial success.

Everlasting Love was the seventh album of Vanessa Williams. All songs except final song was soul love songs covers of 70s.

The Real Thing was the last album of Vanessa Williams. Albums had a good rank on Jazz Albums list on 2009. Also Michelle Williams wrote a book about teenage abortion in 2012.

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