How Many Active Volcanoes Are There in the World?

Natural Phenomena

When we look at the history of mankind, we can see lots of phenomena that affect people very deeply. Most of them affect people such and harsh way that lots of people die after that phenomena. We can say that they are earthquakes, volcanoes, flood, landslide and we can count lots of others. From the beginning of the humanity, people have been affected from them to much extend and in future again they will be affected from them because it can be said that they are very powerful and it is very difficult to overcome them because they are natural phenomena. 

krakatau volcano


The Number of Active Volcanoes in the World

Our main topic here is active volcanoes in the world today. First of all we can define a volcano as faulted structures in earth that allows volcanic ash and gases to escape from the magma chamber below the surface. Most generally volcanoes are available on the places where tectonic plates are available. There are some types of volcanoes and we can count as shield volcano, lava cone, volcanic cone, composite volcanoes, and super volcanoes.  First, shield volcanoes generally are seen in the districts of Hawaii and Iceland their lavas are very hot and it can melt things in very short time. The biggest one in earth is Mauna Loa with its 120 km caliber. Another type of volcano is lava volcano, in this type of volcano is a bit smaller than shield volcano, the only difference of it its being smaller from shield volcano. Third type of volcano is volcanic cones; they are formed by the rocks that are collected on the mount of volcanoes. Their pulverizations can be reach about between 30 and 300 meter long. Another type of volcanoes is Composite Volcanoes, this type of volcanoes are volcanoes that formed not only by lava flows but also belches and in the world if it is necessary to give example for this type of volcanoes we can say that the mountain of Fuji in Japan, Vesuvius in Italy and Erebus in northwest America are the examples of Composite Volcanoes in the world. And the last type of volcanoes is Super Volcanoes, this type of volcanoes is very great and they can collapse even a continent and great seas. They can also make the changes of global climate changes. From these examples we can see how powerful super volcanoes are. Finally, our main topic is how many active volcanoes are there in the world today? According to the recent researches, in the world there are approximately 1500 active volcanoes. An Important information about active volcanoes is a volcano is considered active if it has erupted in the last 10.000 years. When we look at the district of active volcanoes, we can see that over 75 percent of the active volcanoes are located in Pacific Ring of Fire. Finally, when people are locating to their homes if they locate them far from the active volcanoes it will be better.volcano

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