How Many Websites Are There in the World?

How Many Websites Are There in the World?


Our page is considered as a website as well. Websites are the virtual environments where documents such as files, images, and so on can be kept. We access to these websites through the web and we connect to the web thanks to our internet connection. A person should have an active internet connection in order to connect this world. The technology is developing in a rapid manner and in line with this development, the amount of the websites are increasing. Today, technology and internet are more accessible than a decade ago and it directly affects the amount of the websites.


Today, it is possible for any person to start and run a website from his or her own home. As we mentioned before, all they need is an active internet connection and a computer. Though, it is possible to create and run a website through a mobile device as well. The internet is available in our houses, workplaces, and our smartphones. People usually visit the websites for various purposes such as watching a fun video, reading the news, make shopping, learn details about a hobby or acquire a new hobby.


These facts let us wonder the amount of the active websites in the world. We made a comprehensive research about this and found the approximate number. We tell you approximately since you will not believe the daily newly created websites. One of the main issues why the amount of the websites increase is the fact that, creating and running a website is being quite easier when compared to the past years. There is various software such as WordPress or Wix which allow people to build their own website from the beginning. Moreover, you do not have to know too much about the details. You can drag and place the sections to create your dream website.


According to our research, the amount of the websites in the world is about 1.968.322.172. However, experts claim that only one in five of this amount is active. The rest of the websites remain inactive or neglected. Websites are a market where website holders can earn enough money to make their lives in case they can attract enough visitors on a daily basis. Website holders publish various ads on their websites and they earn money per click to these ads. There are even some ad networks built by the Giants of the Technology such as Google and Facebook.


As you can see the amount of the websites are quite high and they are very diversified. Each of them has their own visitor base. It is possible to find a website which is only about the mating times of the bees. There are websites which can appeal to all tastes. One of the drawbacks of the websites is, most of them do not include enough or true information about the topics. This lead to the contamination of the internet and today, most of the search engines are looking for ways to prevent such cases to make the internet source of the knowledge again.

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