How many ways are there to get a new dog?

Feeding and training a dog is a very popular hobby all around the world. People take dogs for various aims like training, security and more. It’s very important to think about method you used since first interaction till taking it to home. There are lots of wrong common beliefs in the world for dogs and there are also millions of tragic stories for the end of this adoption. A bad end may leave bad stories behind it especially for children. How many ways are there to get a new dog?

Today all countries have dog owning methods. Animal Shelters are one of the most popular dog owning places for all. It’s sure that most of dog breeds in shelters are not pure breeds but mixed-breed dogs can also be good for owners even there are some problems on them. Dogs in shelters are mostly trained and they know some basic behaviors to be a good companion. But also shelters are not the perfect places for dogs and many of the shelter dogs have some behavior, eating or similar habit problems. Also most of shelter dogs have bad memories from past and they can be harmful if there is no care or enough training in home. Socialization will be harder than other dog breeds but they will tend to live longer and keep illnesses out of body because of life struggle in shelter. It’s possible to talk about dog with shelter workers but it’s very hard for them to know detailed information.

Rescue organizations are other popular places to find a good dog. These organizations mostly use foster homes for rescued dogs. Fosters parents of these houses are talented and experienced ones so dogs will be trained and feed best in these houses. Also it’s possible to find deep and useful information about dog that will be owned. Rescue organizations use some tests before giving dog to a new family and these tests are some hard to answer. You must know basic information and some details about dog owning, feeding and training before taking a new one. It’s a popular topic today that rescue organizations are over selective and some good owners are eliminating because of hard questions.

Taking a dog from breeder is possible but it’s a problematic topic because of rising backyard breeder numbers. You must be sure that what you choose is a reputable breeder because taking a dog breed from breeder is expensive while you are buying a pure breed. Today it’s possible to ask organizations like National Kennel Clubs like “AKC Breeder Referral Contacts” about breeders and take good knowledge about them. Before buying, it’s very important to control the breed and where it’s living. Also a responsible legal breeder will show you approved history of dog and dog’s parents. If breeder is a backyard breeder, it’s very rare to see dog’s parents’ history.
It’s also possible to buy a dog from pet store but any of dog communities is offering or approving it. Main reason of rejection is that dogs that are possible to see in pet shops are puppy mills. They are saving and feeding in bad conditions till giving to an owner and some medications are showing them strong and healthy. Giving a dog from pet shop is paying to this industry and creating more puppy mills with bad conditions. Also some online kennel clubs have same conditions with pet shop industry. Making a small research before buying a dog from online kennel clubs will show the truth. Also being careful on “free to a good home” advertisements are important.

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