How many types of limousine are there?

Limousine’s main meaning is “enclosed automobile with open driver’s seat”. It is firstly used in France’s Limousin region and then named it to this type of car. Limousines are always a sign of wealth and luxury. To hire a limousine for important days like weddings are a tradition for all countries of the world. There are less individual limousines in the world. Most of these cars belonged to car companies or governments. In some luxury states, limousine is also using as taxi. Main way to build a limousine is buying old cars and joining them with engineers. How many types of limousine are there?

First limousines started to use in the first years of 1900s. They were like today’s commercial vehicles. There was also a professional chauffeur for them.

There are two different kinds of limousines now traditionally. There’s a blockage system between driver and passengers in limousines. It’s mostly for speaking privately between speakers. This divider can control by passengers. In the first versions of limousines, communication way between passengers and chauffeur was opening the divider. Then intercom systems integrated to these cars.

Classic limousines have to way for roof systems. One of them is called The Limousine-Landaulet and it has a roof over passengers. Other system is The Limousine de-ville, passenger’s roof is solid but the driver’s roof is removable.

Today famous car brands are creating modern limousines for governments and celebrities. Most famous brands producing limousines are Bentley, Hummer and Jaguar.

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