How many types of birth control pills are there?

Birth control pills or “The Pill” with their common name is one of the most popular birth control ways all over the world. Today over 12 million U.S women are using different birth pills types. Birth pills are very effective on birth control but there are also common side effects of them like acne and headache. Also %8 of the women are getting pregnant because of forgetting to drink pill every year in USA. So today doctors are offering other birth control methods for women forgetting to drink pill frequently. Also taking the right type of birth control pill is very important for women. How many types of birth pills are there?

There are two main types of birth control pills in the world. They are progestin-only pills and combination pills. There are also two different usage models of pills which are 21 days period or 28 days period. There are many classification ways for birth control pills but main classification ways in the world are according to progestin types used in the pill or estrogen amount in it.

Combination pills are including both estrogen and progestin. Most of the birth control pill brands are using the combination way in their products. Two hormone types are effective equally for birth control. Researches over combination pills also showed that women using such pills have less painful, shorter and more regular periods. They are also very effective on preventing uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. They are also avoiding pelvic inflammatory disease. According to some new researches, pills are effective for improving bone density so women can be stronger before menopause. But such pills are improving the acnes, creating pain and bleeding over fibrosis and these bleedings can stand longer than standard.
Latest researches showed that they can be dangerous for women over smoker women over 35 years old and they can trigger heart attacks. According to last announcement of FDA, women over 35 years old must not take combination pills ever but some doctor totally disagree this idea. Also family history is required for smoking women over 35 if blood clots and heart attacks in their story.
There are also Progestin-only pills which are commonly known as mini-pills all over the world. Doctors mostly offer such pills to nursing mothers. Also women with family history of heart attack and blood clots are using mini pills. Most important thing for progestin-only pills are their effectiveness. Taking them in the same time is vital for women using progestin-only pills because a three hours late drinking can cause ovulation. It’s also important for nursing mothers because it triggers continuous breastfeeding and women with continuous breastfeeding have low change for new pregnancy. According to researches, progestin-only pills have low effect on women with normal fertility period.
Also level of hormones in pills are very important. There are four different pill types according to their hormone levels. Monophasic pills or one-phase pills with common name have equal level of progestin and estrogen in them. They must be used daily but if woman forget to drink, she must drink it as soon as possible and she must continue to new one in the scheduled time. Yaz and Alesse are most popular one-phase birth control pills.
Biphasic pills or two-phase pills with their common name changes the estrogen and progestin levels when women went into menstruation period. There are many pills on this section like Mircette Ortho-Novum 10/11 and Kariva. In Triphasic pills, there are three different pill types with different doses. There is also a new type called Quadraphasic pills and it offers four changes. Only pill with in this category is Natazia.

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