How many trimesters of pregnancy are there?

Pregnancy needs a 9 months time interval before birth and today it’s possible to see that every moment of pregnancy is scheduled and there’s no place for surprises. Researches for planning the pregnancy have been continuing since 1800s. First researches started on dividing pregnancy to periods are started in 1900s and today pregnancy is dividing into trimesters. It’s very important to make the right diagnose and giving the right amount of medicines and other therapy. Also situations like miscarriage danger level indicate trimester time. How many trimesters of pregnancy are there?

There are 3 trimester periods today in pregnancy. Modern science divides pregnancy by three months periods. First trimester is the period of pregnancy in changing feelings but not changing physical appearance too much. Pregnant will start to feel changes because pregnancy hormones start to shape your baby and you for the first time. Maybe it’s not possible see it through but especially breasts will start to grow and be more sensitive. It’s a trimester that baby will change from single fertilized cell to embryo. Organs of baby will start to develop and she will make her first move. Vocal cords of baby will also develop. Morning sickness will start for pregnant. Also mood swings will rise and it will be easier to notice by friends. Pregnant’s genetic history will affect baby.
After first three months, pregnant will enter into the second trimester. This trimester is mainly period of fast growing baby. Her eyes and ears will grow and will come to right position. Baby will yawn and pregnant will feel it. After 21th week, arms and legs will develop and pregnant will start to feel the move of them. Baby will start to feel and hear after 22th month and some noise will activate her. In the second trimester, pregnant will feel more energetic and but also queasiness. It’s a general symptom that pregnant feel heartburn in second trimester. Mood changes will be lesser than first trimester because of fatigue. Routine control will multiply and if there are some abnormalities, doctor will diagnose and treat them. Also cramps will start but they are always temporary.

Third and last trimester of pregnancy will start after 6th month. Pregnant will get used to pregnancy more than ever and she will understand that some symptoms are normal and temporary. Baby will try some life skills and pregnant will feel strange on this period. Baby will start to hear the voice of mother and she will react to music. Kicks will start to be strong and it will be easy to feel from outside. With 34th week, born voyage’s first step will start. Pregnant will feel fetal activity. Some deep but temporary symptoms will start and in the first days of symptoms, pregnant will be confused about baby but she will understand the period soon. Some pregnant gives the first milk but it’s not frequent. With the end of 40th week of pregnancy, pregnant will start to worry about baby but it must be known that %50 of babies born after 40th weeks and it’s normal.

There are lots of tests pregnant must take in different trimesters. Blood tests are most important ones. Also some genetic tests may be applied to pregnant. After 40th week, it’s still normal since end of 42th week but there may be need to some extra attention. Pregnant must know that it’s normal to make a miscarriage and especially half of first pregnancy finishes with miscarriage. But level is decreasing every day with new developments in pregnancy literature and science techniques.

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