How many times Loch Ness monster has been seen?

Loch Ness Monster is a popular imaginary or real creature located in the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It’s the most popular lake monster which is very popular in Scotland and today lake has millions of visitors every year to see creature. First official investigations about Loch Ness creature is started in 1933 and today it’s commonly believed that creature is alive and its specie is Plesiosauria which is an old sea creature from Early Jurassic period. Today there’s a big research center for creature and every year creature comes to the fore with hoax or wishful thinking observations. How many times Loch Ness monster has been seen?

Today there are 7 officially accepted photographs and films about creature. First photo of creature is Hugh Gray’s Photograph and it’s still the most popular image of Loch Ness monster. In this photo, it’s possible to see a creature with a long head and tail. There are lots of critics about photo and main idea is that it’s a dog on the photo with a stick on his mouth. Also shade on this photo is very controversial because shade is not suiting the body of creature and researchers discovered an eel-like second head in photo then.

“Surgeon’s Photograph” is taken in 1934. It was the first photo that “head and neck” of the creature are possible to see. There were five photos and only two of them were good to see. Most common picture was including a head and body of creature but second photo was blurry. The Sunday Telegraph labeled photo as fake and some other magazines scanned original photo for research. Then in 1999, it’s revealed that photo is a fake and it’s mainly a toy submarine with a toy dinosaur head.
In 1938, Loch Ness monster is filmed at first time. This film is known as “Taylor film”. G. E. Taylor filmed a monster in its color camera but he didn’t give the film to researchers. Only Maurice Burton released a photo from movie in his “The Elusive Monster” book. Some researchers reported the photo as a “positive evidence”.

After 22 years, Loch Ness monster is filmed again in 1960. It’s filmed by aeronautical engineer Tim Dinsdale. Researches showed that there’s another man in boat and it’s not possible to claim its fake or real. In the Loch Ness Discovered documentary, a photo specialist enhanced the movie and reported that it’s a sea creature. But today photo experts believe that it’s only a false angle view of sun.
Holmes video is not a popular one about Loch Ness monster and it’s filmed in 2007. Gordon Holmes took the video and it’s possible to see something big which is going fast in lake. Magazines didn’t believe the creature in video and they labeled the thing in video as an utter or bird.
In 2011, a local Loch Ness boat skipper caught a sonar image of creature. In 2012, a scientist labeled the photo as a plankton.
Last photo of
Loch Ness Monster is George Edwards’ photograph. It’s taken in 2011. In his interview, Edwards said that it’s maybe a manatee.
Today there are lots of researches for Loch Ness Monster but it’s mainly a big source of income for the city and country. Every year over 1 million people are coming to see the myth on Loch Ness Lake. There are lots of restaurants, cafes and boat trippers. Tourists nicknamed the creature as “Nessie” and it’s a popular name today for creature news. Also it’s a humor topic in Scotland politics nowadays.

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