How many teeth a baby has?

Teeth eruption is a very important period for babies. It’s possible to say every children have teeth same period. Some children are born with a tooth. But also it is possible to see born children with two teeth. But mostly children wait teeth since 1 year old. First tooth mostly appears on the lower jaw. But these teeth are not permanent. It’s very important to schedule dentist visits for child. 6 months after born is a good plan but you can postpone it to 1 year as what the situation gets. How many teeth a baby has?

Babies have 20 teeth. 10 of them are on the upper side and 10 of them are on the down side. First tooth growing starts on the 6 month of pregnancy. There are lots of reasons making the tooth growing period various on children but main reasons are climate and sex.

First tooth growing starts with Central incisors. They are front eyes and it’s very important for the children to bite and cut some meal.

Lateral incisors’ growing period is 7 to 10 months. Lateral incisors are front teeth’s next teeth. They are one of the most problematic teeth on the children.

First molars grow on 12 to 16 months on children. After the first moral grew, parents must start to brush children’s teeth periodically.

Cuspids are also known as eye teeth. They grow 14 to 20 months. Second molars are the last not permanent teeth and grows on 20 to 32 months.


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