How Many States Are There in USA?

The History and Form of America


United States of America (as known USA) is one of the biggest countries in the World, and in USA there are 3139 million people who are living. On the north side of America there is Canada and on the south side of the country Mexico is present. The continent of America was discovered in the year of 1492 by the European people and people started to make it colonize. At the middle of Century there were 13 colonies in America and those colonies started to create the basics of today’s United States of America. We can base today’s USA those colonies. The country of America supported new lives for people because of the poorness in the continent of Europe and after the discovery of the America, people started to immigrate to America in order to find new resources to keep their lives continue. After those immigrations the population of the America started to grow up. In the date of 4 July 1776, United State of America gave its declaration of independence and it became an independent state. Its capital city is Washington DC and its population is 308.745.538 according to the last research. Its governmental regime is presidential government and its president is Hussein Barack Obama. Its currency is American Dollar. And America’s square measure is 9.826.675 km2.



How Many States Are There in United States of America?

In the country of America, there are 50 states and they are all collateral. In these 50 states, the biggest state is the state of California; its population is 36.756.666 according to a research that was madden in the year of 2008. When we look at the whole population of United States of America, we can see that the population of California is about 11 percent of the whole country. Its population is very great, because in the year of 1848 lots of goldfields were found in California and then its population is started to increase to much extend and then the state is started to be an economy center. It represent with its economy to the power of the whole American economy. When it is thought from the point of education, the 40 percent incomes of economy is spending for the education and from this information we see that how people in California give importance to their education. After California, Texas is the second biggest state in America, its population is 23.851.820. Its capital city is Austin. Its square measure is95.622km²’. The state of Texas has a border with Mexico and its border is defined with the river of “Rio Grande” After the state of Texas, the biggest states are New York and Florida. New York’s population is 21.976.457 and Florida’s population also is 18.982.378. Because of the extensiveness of the country and the long distance between states there is a transportation problem in USA. But there are lots of easy ways in order to access where people want to. People can use their private cars, trains, public transportation and buses in order to reach where they want.


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