How many soldiers does each country have?

World’s history is also known as war’s history. It’s very hard to show a day in the world history without war. It was only 42 days possible without war after World War Two but then conflicts and firefight started in some African countries. Today war is a main topic on the world after Afghanistan and Iraq war, Arab Spring and more. Most spoken topic nowadays is Syria. There are lots of writers believe that a war between Israel and Syria may cause the World War 3. Also if some organizations capture the nuclear warheads of Syria, it may cause also a new world war. So countries’ military power is most important thing at this moment. How many soldiers does each country have?


People’s Republic of China has the most soldiers with 2,285,000. Also country has 800,000 reserve military, 1,500,000 paramilitary forces. China is known for supporting Asia countries against Europe and America. Also it has strong military connections with Russia.

United States of America is on the second state with 1,458,000 soldiers. Also it has 1,458,000 reserve military. America officially reports that they have only 11.000 paramilitary services but it’s believed that number is over 100,000.

India was on the war for years but it’s living a silence period now. Inner conflicts in country were very high in 2010 and 2011. India has 1,325,000 active military. But they have one of the biggest powers on reserve military with 2,142,000. They have also 1,300,000 in paramilitary service and most of them are working actively.

North Korea has 1,106,000 active military. But numbers of North Korea is hard to say definite. Country has the biggest reserve military power with 8,200,000 because according to republic’s law, every people living in country are also a soldier in war.

Russian Federation is on the way again being one of the biggest powers on the world. Military service has the key importance on this way. They have 1,027,000 active military, 754,000 reserve military. Reports from Russia say that country has 449,000 paramilitary services but it’s believed that number is over 1 million.

Other side of “Enemy brothers” is Republic of Korea. They have 687,000 active military, but also because of conflict 8,000,000 reserve military. Republic of Korea only shows 4,500 in paramilitary service but it’s believed that over 100,000.

Turkey is one of the countries reports its military service numbers officially. In last report of Turkish Armed Forces, it’s possible to see that Active military number is 666,576. Reserve military service is 378,700. Also it’s reported that 152,200 of paramilitary service number is possible in country.

Some European countries have several laws active about reporting military number. Today United Kingdom reports 197,000 active military and 212,400 reserve military. But also it’s reported that United Kingdom doesn’t have any paramilitary services.

Countries like Canada, Australia, Portugal, Belgium and Austria have fewer than 100,000 soldiers. Also there are some countries like Ireland have military service fewer than 10,000.

There are 7 countries reported officially that they don’t have active military but some paramilitary forces. Palestine doesn’t have any active military or reserve military but it’s causing because of country’s political position.

But there are also countries don’t need any military service or sustain it. Most popular one inside them is Costa Rica. Country has borders to Nicaragua and Panama. Especially Panama and Costa Rica have importance on the world’s shipping market and big countries are reserving them. So Costa Rica and Panama don’t have any active or reserve military. They have only paramilitary with 9,800 in Costa Rica and 12,000 in Panama. Also Monaco, Haiti, Mauritius, Iceland and Vanuatu reported that they have no active or reserve military.


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