How many seasons Michael Jordan played basketball?

Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player all over the history. His records are very hard to break. Also he left lots of unforgettable moments, dunks, lay ups and buzzer beaters at back. Jordan was also a strong and consistent player that it rarely missed NBA matches. How many seasons Michael Jordan played basketball?

He played for University of North Carolina for 3 years. Then he joined Chicago Bulls in 1984. His first NBA championship was in 1991. After two more championship in 1992 and 1993, he retired to play baseball. In 1995 he returned back and won three championships more in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

He played for 12 seasons in Chicago Bulls. Then he played for 2 seasons in Washington Wizards. He gave his Washington Wizards salary to 9/11 victims.

Jordan was also a market figure for America. He played on advertisements of brands like Nike, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. He won $55 million in 2010.

Jordan was playing as shooting guard in his main role. But he was also very successful as a guard. His defensive features were also perfect. He awarded to All-Defensive First Team Selections for 9 times.

Michael Jordan’s character and style was always controversial. Lots of famous writers claim that he’s the biggest competitiveness on the sport history. He made lots of buzzer beaters on big matches. His work ethic is a good example for all people. His trash-talk was also very controversial but he blood up his team for several times with it.

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