How many satellites are there on the world?

Approximately 2 to 3000 500 000 in the space satellite is ready for use, while 10 timesas much as he has completed the task of satellites known as space debris, rocket partsare like stray objects.

Technology evolves, more satellites are sent into space will continue to grow space debris problem.

According to the news on BBC Focus magazine, which is currently in rotation around the Earth, and a few inches, a big hole in the approximately 25 000 the number of parts. U.S. Space Surveillance N

etwork (SSN-Space Surveillance Network) as part of the missionof a few centimeters long with a high turnover of these objects at a close distance from Earth is catching up.

Founded during the Cold War Space Surveillance Network (SSN), is followed to date,approximately 25 000 objects. A catalog of the hands of the object has already over 22.These objects are the smallest piece of debris from one or a few centimeters in size withthe International Space Station is a large communications satellites.