How many popular things are there invented accidentally?

It’s not possible to say that all things we are using today are invented in chemistry laboratories or special plants. There are thousands of things that invited accidentally. Some of them are useless but also there are some important inventions also. Inventions that made accidentally like dynamite changed the world’s history. Especially World War 2 and Wild America’s timeline is not possible to be written without dynamite. Also some inventions made accidentally like LSD gave harm to all people in 60s and 70s. How many popular things are there invented accidentally?

One of the most important things invented accidentally is Anesthesia. In 1800s, medical operations take speed but pain on patients was slowing everything. While important scientists of era like William Morton, Horace Wells and Crawford Long were talking about pain on operations, they shared experiences about nitrous oxide which is known as laughing gas on human body. All experiences were about gas’ power on inhibiting pain. It was very popular to see parties in 1800s like “laughing parties” where party holder sends laughing gas to a room full of party attenders. Scientists talked to party attenders and agree that gas has an important effect for people. Anesthesia is firstly used in dental practices, minor operations and then big ones.

It was a big surprise when Percy Spencer invented microwave oven accidentally while working on magnetron which is a tube using for giving power to radar systems. Percy Spencer tried to melt a candy bar and understand that invention is making to heat things. Companies used pop corns for ads of microwave ovens but there were also high controversies on radiation that microwaves are using. Percy Spencer then invented a new and less radiotioned type of microwaves.
America’s most beloved cereals are also invented accidentally. Will Keith Kellogg was working on medicine job and he was a very forgetful person. While he was assisting to his dietician brother, one day he forgot to put main ingredient for bread dough one day which he is responsible for. He came back after hours but he was that wheat was flaky. He firstly surprised but then decided to bake flaky dough more. He created a flaky and crunchy snack. He gave his invention to obese patients and it became a hit meal in a short period. He opened a company to sell his invention called as “The Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flakes Company” and people named the meal as Corn Flakes.

Alfred Nobel found dynamite accidentally in 1864. He was an important scientist and engineer of his era and was giving effort on nitroglycerin, which is today known as a type of explosive liquid. While he was working on nitroglycerin, a big blast on laboratory killed his brother and other workers. So he accidentally found dynamite. He then understood that nitroglycerin is very dangerous and he worked to find ways for stabilizing the liquid and keeping it safe. Dynamite made a big revolution in construction world and made easiest ever to collapse and build.
Accidentally invention of Saccharin made an important progress in diabetes world. Constantine Fahlberg found Saccharin in Johns Hopkins University labs accidentally while working on chemicals. He didn’t notice that he found saccharine and he carried it to home in his hands. While he was eating bread, he notices a sweet taste that is not coming from bread and then realized that chemical he used in lab was giving this taste to bread. Researches showed that Saccharin is not metabolizing by body and it means Saccharin has no calorie. Invention changed food industry.

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