How many popular job interview questions are there?

Job interviews are too important for all. Questioning on job interviews is a branch of social science now and companies are searching for more accurate questions. Some people believe that questions like “What is your greatest weakness?” are useless and meaningless for choosing a new employer but answers have deep meanings about the lifestyle and character of candidate. Going to a job interview without working on these questions will lower your chance to get the job. So firstly you must find good answers to classic questions. How many popular job interview questions are there?

“What is your greatest strength?” is one of the most important and common job interview questions ever. According to job interview experts, it’s one of the simplest questions on the interview but giving the right answer is vital. Job candidate must speak about his experiences and skills while answering this question. Giving detailed job stories is not preferred but talking about skills and experiences generally on starting the clause with “I pride myself” or “I have exceeded” are important.

After question about strength, interviewers mostly ask the question “What is your greatest weakness?” Best answer to this question is a small job story that you turned the negative situation to positive successfully. You must give the feel that you have weaknesses like all people but you have also power to turn them into positive. If job interviewer insists about a weakness point, you can talk about your perfectionism and its effects on other workers.
“How do you handle stress and pressure?” question means you made a job application for a hard and stressful position and job interviewer is curious about your strength. Best answer is identifying stress and pressure as a daily routine of modern business world. You can say that “I enjoy my job and I accept stress as a part of it” , “Pressure is helping me to revive my creationist side”. You can finish the answer with “ I’m going to gym or pool every day and it’s a real stress reducer”
If you passed the first three questions, they will say “Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it.” This question means you pass the first stage mostly. You must give real examples without exaggerate them. Don’t forget that job interviewer can call your old company and ask about the stories. Try to give the names entered the situation and repeat their names in story and it will make your story more persuasive. Also give time details and never make any confusion on them.
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“Why are you leaving or have left your job?” question is one of the most eliminative job interview questions ever. Many people eliminate here because they revile against their old company and it means they will revile the company they applied then. Don’t give a classic answer like “I’m looking for more responsibility” or “I’m looking for a bigger challenge “to this question. According to experts, best answer to this question is saying the truth. You can say “ I need more money for my family and my old company was not giving enough” or “To be honest, Company is making cut and they started with our department”
“Why should we hire you?” is a very similar question to ““What is your greatest strength?” and they wait detailed answer about your experiences and skills. You must talk about the job positions that you accomplished. Also you can make a little compare on the position you applied and your skills and you must show that you are suitable for this job.

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