How many popular children’s books are there in 2012?

Children’s books are always an important category on literature world. It’s true that most of biggest writers started to write children books first and then became legendary ones. Also some of the most popular books in the history are children books. It’s true that finding a children’s book with worldwide popularity nowadays is very hard. Popular children books are mostly about fantasy worlds or not from children’s world. Writers in 2012 like to write about Aesop’s fable style stories and humorous little ones most. How many popular children’s books are there in 2012?

“Mouse & Lion” became one of the most interesting children books of 2012. Book is written by Rand Burkert and Nancy Eckholm Burkert. Story is a retelling of classic Aesop’s fable. Book is especially deep and detailed in mother-son collaboration. Also detailed illustrations of African savannah and wild life are making the book a popular one for children. Main moral of book is justice and writers are using a good technique to talk about justice. Scholastic/di Capua published the book with good typography, a spare layout and creamy paper that are making to read the book perfect for children.
“Everything I Need to Know Before I’m Five” by Valorie Fisher is not a classic school preparation book for children under five. It’s very energetic with colorful images, dollhouse-size toys and other popular toys of children nowadays. Book is talking about main topics like weather, numbers and seasons but making it in a very funny and attractive way. Some authorities find this book very retrospective with colorful photos but children find it very interesting and book became one of the most selling children’s books of 2012.

“I Want My Hat Back” by Jon Klassen is offering what a child waits from humor in books. Story is mainly about a bear and his lost hat. Illustator Jon Klassen is very professional to talk about topics like stupefaction, anxiety and satisfaction with showing them on forest creatures. Also ink paintings of book are what a good children book needs. Authorities are right that showing each animal with only an emotion is some retro but humorous style of Klassen is enough to close it.
“E-Mergency” by Tom Lichtenheld and Ezra Fields-Meyer is a picture book in classic style. But Lichtenheld and 15-year-old Fields-Meyer find a humorous way of showing the alphabet and thought what happens if an E broke her leg and O tries to substitute her. It’s true that some jokes on book are not for today’s children but language of book and its style is making “E-Mergency” a popular children’s book in 2012.
It’s true that when parents see the name of the book “Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans” they think that it’s not a children’s book but book is offering a good way of teaching children “African-American history.” According to writer Kadir Nelson, all African-American parents must read this book to their children when they came to 9 years old. Book is talking about various topics like President Obama, Revolutionary-era slavery and growing African-American community. Sometimes language of book is hard for children in 9 but they can clearly understand big part of it easily.

“Sea of Dreams” by Dennis Nolan is the leading fantasy book on children’s book category of 2012. Book has a good story and also powerful artworks on it. Dennis Nolan created a puzzle in story that children are happy to solve. Also adventure side of book is very attractive with childlike mermaids, magnificent orange fishes, sand castles and more.

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